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Teacher Candidates complete the edTPA while enrolled in Clinical Internships I and II. The edTPA is a performance assessment that meets the following objectives:

  • Help candidates develop the confidence and skills they need to be successful in urban, suburban, and rural schools.
  • Provide a uniform and evidence-based process that can be used across states to confirm that aspiring teachers demonstrate their readiness for the classroom.
  • Measure candidates’ ability to differentiate instruction for diverse learners, including English language learners and special education students.
  • Inform teacher licensure and recruitment.
  • Provide meaningful and consistent data that can be used to improve and update teacher preparation programs and renew program curriculum.
  • Allow states, school districts, and teacher preparation programs to share a common framework for defining and measuring teaching performance.
  • Create a body of evidence about teacher performance that will ultimately establish a national standard for relevant and rigorous practice that advances student learning.

Passing Scores for New Jersey

The following passing scores are effective September 1, 2019

13-Rubric Handbooks
(Classical and World Languages)
15-Rubric Handbooks
(All Other Content Areas)
18-Rubric Handbooks
(Elementary Education)