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The Department of Urban Education at Rutgers University-Newark is committed to educating prospective and practicing teachers to implement instructional practices in urban schools that contribute to increasing social justice and student knowledge and performance.  For teachers interested in earning a Middle School Mathematics Endorsement, the Department offers a five-course, culturally responsive endorsement program that includes the following content course: 

  • Number Sense and Numerical Operations for Middle School Students  
  • Algebra and Algebraic Thinking for Middle School Students 
  • Geometry and Measurement for Middle School Students 
  • Data Analysis and Probability for Middle School Students 
  • Big Ideas of High School Mathematics 

In addition to mathematical content, each course examines how to develop culturally responsive instructional practices. This endorsement program aims to educate highly effective mathematics teachers to instruct middle school mathematics in suburban and urban schools. 


For further information, contact Dr. Arthur B. Powell at